Ankit Fadia site again Hacked and Suspended | Sedulity Groups

Ankit Fadia has been in the news for being one of
India’s first ethical hackers. He has been recognized by a number of software companies. Fadia was also seen on several TV shows, recently as a host offering
tech and security advice to his viewers. At the same time, there have
been a bunch of other activities, such as writing security books, that
have been published in the market. He’s also known to give talks and
speak in seminars on security related topics. There have also been
reports that books written by Ankit Fadia contain plagiarised content. 

"Al Jazeera" News Network website Hacked

The official website of one of the biggest Arabic-language news network "Al Jazeera" got hacked just now by Pro-Assad hackers called "Al-Rashedon". If your miss the deface page, please have a look to mirror of it Here.
Deface page designed with Dark color as shown in image and have some message in Arabic language, in English its "In response to your attitude against Syria, ( Syrian people and Government ) and your support to the Terrorist & Armed Groups, and sharing Fake news, your site has been hacked and this is our response to you. ( Al Rashedon hakcker group.)"
<!--more-->Hacking group "Al-Rashedon" can be the part of "Syrain Electronic Army", But yet Syrian Hackers didn't claim anything about this hack on their facebook page or website. The Arabic used (and the language mistakes) indicates that the hackers may be people living abroad and not native Syrians, may be these hackers belongs to Iraq. Name "Rashedon" implies Iraq, because Iraq is known as Land of Al Rashedon. Scene is still unclear, we are investigating on it. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Defaced Sites:

  1. http://www.aljazeera.net
  2. http://www.aljazeera.com
  3. aljazeerasport.net
  4. mail.aljazeera.net
Deface Page Screen-shot taken by Team Cyber Times:

Sedulity Groups | AVX Corporation Hacked by Anonymous #OpColtan

Anonymous Operation #OpColtan have announced another attack in the name of this operation and this time its on a Manufacturer and Supplier of Electronic Components AVX Corporation (www.avx.com). AVX It's a big firm which produce ceramic and tantalum capacitors, connectors, thick and thin film capacitors, resistors and integrated passive components

Sedulity Groups | The Hacker's Ethics

With the growth of the Internet, computer security has become a major concern for businesses and governments. They want to be able to take advantage of the Internet for electronic commerce, advertising, information distribution and access, and other pursuits, but they are worried about the possibility of being "hacked." At the same time, the potential customers of these services are worried about maintaining control of personal information that varies from credit card numbers to social security numbers and home addresses.