Steps to regain access to your Hacked Facebook Account

Today facebook is one of leading social networking site. It was launched in February 2004, owned and operated by Facebook, Inc. Today facebook has millions of users, which is a milestone for any company plying its trade on the Internet.

Facebook has evolved rapidly from a raw social networking website into a billion dollar company in a short span of time.

Facebook hosts valuable data of all its active users, which pertains to their personal details, contact details, geographic details, and other information related to interests, hobbies, and favourite hangouts.

Though facebook provides a secure platform for all the users to share and connect with their  friends; but now a days it is getting more prone to hacking .

If your account is hacked you could face some the following problems: privacy infringement, identity theft, and defamation. All these entailments have an adverse effect on your private and social lives.

The important question is how to identify that your facebook account was hacked or not?

You can easily trace if someone hacked your account. If the session of hacker is active, it will be listed in active sessions page under the security tab. Under active sessions tab, you have the option to the end the activity of all suspicious sessions.

 Follow these simple steps to regain access to your facebook account: 

1.Change the Password: If you come to know that the password was not changed by the hacker, then log in to your account and end all the active sessions under active sessions tab. Then, go to account settings tab and change your current password. If you get to know that the hacker has changed the password of your account, then click the forgot password option in the sign-up page and reset your password. Follow the various procedures that will let you to retrieve your password.

If you find that the hacker has changed all your profile information, then click the ‘no longer have access to these’ option, with which you can enter a new email address and from that point on facebook will assist you to regain access to your account.

2.Notification & Recovery: If you find out that your account has been hacked just to send out spam mails, then report to Facebook that your account was compromised. In order to limit the implications after hacking, do inform your friends in your groups that your account was hacked. This has to be done if in case the hacker used your profile to post violent or abusive content.

3.Terminate Applications: It is not always hackers or cyberpunks who can hack your facebook account; there are some malicious applications that can gain access and misuse your account. So, go to the apps section under the account settings tab, and terminate such malicious applications.