Sedulity Groups | Facebook revamps photos section

In a move to make photo viewing more enjoyable on Facebook, the social networking giant has announced launching a re-designed version of its photos section.

"We are announcing improvements to the photos section that make viewing photos more enjoyable," Facebook Product Manager Emily Grewal announced on the company's website yesterday.

With this move, users would be able to access photos all at one place above the timeline. Earlier Facebook's users could view photos segregated into albums.

"Now when you click photos at the top of your timeline, you'll see larger pictures that fill up the page. You can use the menu to find shots you are tagged in, pictures you have shared and albums you have created...With your Facebook photos all in one section, it's simple to show friends your favourites. Click the star button to make important photos stand out," she added.

Facebook, which has over 900 million users across the world, said upgradation of its photo gallery would be rolled out across the globe.

"We'll continue to improve the (photo view) experience and then begin rolling out globally," Grewal added.