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Anup Girdhar, CEO of Sedulity Groups, says, "Getting networks, Web applicationsServers etc. tested by Cyber Security Professional is the only best utilitarian way for companies to establish the level of security of their networks & systems. With the ever-increasing risk of external attacks to websites, IT outsourcing and the adoption of new technologies including virtualization and cloud computing, organizations have to firstly, identify Cyber Threats and secondly, put control measures in place to defend themselves from all these Cyber Attacks."
Routine IT Audit, is also known as penetration testing, is an essential component for any Corporate to implement the optimum level of security. As computer technology has advanced, organizations have become increasingly dependent on computerized information systems to carry out their operations and to process, maintain, and report essential information. As a consequence, the reliability of computerized data and of the systems that process, maintain and report these data are a major concern to audit. IT Audit helps to examine the adequacy of controls in information systems and related operations to ensure system effectiveness.


IT Audit is the process of collecting and evaluating evidence to determine whether a computer system has been designed to maintain Data Integrity, Safeguard Assets, Allows Organizational goals to be achieved effectively, and uses resources efficiently.  Use of computer facilities has brought about radically different ways of processing, recording and controlling information and has combined many previously separated functions. 

The potential for systems error has thereby been greatly increased causing great costs to the Organization, e.g., the highly repetitive nature of many computer applications means that small errors may lead to huge losses. This makes it imperative to test the invisible processes, and to identify the vulnerabilities in a computer information system, because of errors, and irregularities, can be high. 

Sedulity Solutions & Technologies, a leading Cyber Security Solutions Organization, offers customized Penetration Testing services which are designed to simplify security testing in different technical aspects. Organizations can save a lot in terms of money and resources if they take the Penetration Testing or Cyber Security Services.
The Penetration Testing services are provided by the team of “Sedulity Certified Ethical Hackers” who have conducted various Audits and implemented security countermeasures from ‘Cyber Law’ point of view as well.
Penetration Testing, services include a comprehensive report which will identify the vulnerabilities, severity levels and also recommends remedial activities as well. These services are suitable for small, middle, and large level companies. The packages are available for a limited time only at the special discounted price..
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SEDULITY SOLUTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES” is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization. It is a channel to provide the best Technical Solutions to various Corporate, Law-Enforcement Agencies, Private/ Govt. Institutions etc. We offer innovative technical solutions with an in-depth security & Legal countermeasures that has helped various Govt. and Private sector professionals, to provide advanced knowledge in terms of securing their Networks. Our Expertise Team has been well recognized with their excellent performance many times in everything it undertakes, be it Penetration TestingIT AuditsE-Learning Solutions, Website Developments, Cyber Security AMC’s via Sedulity OS, Consultancies and Hi- Tech TrainingsPlacement Activities, etc. For more information visit http://www.sedulitygroups.org