Sedulity Groups | Skype Vulnerability Exposing User IP Addresses

Skype+Vulnerability+Exposing+User+IP+AddressesSkype is warning users following the launch of a site devoted to harvesting user IP addresses.The Skype IP-Finder site allowed third-parties to see a user's last known IP address by simply typing in a user name. A script has been uploaded to Github that offers these options. According to the page, it can be used to lookup IP addresses of online Skype accounts, and return both the remote and the local IP of that account on a website.

Sedulity Groups | How To Secure Your Data

The most valuable thing in our computer or network is the data we create. After all, that data is the reason for having the computer and network in the first place. Anybody for whom data is important, security is more important than that and if you’ll not follow the security guidelines then it would be very difficult to secure your information from the external attacks. Operating systems and applications can always be reinstalled, but user-created data is unique and if lost, may be irreplaceable.

Sedulity Groups | United States Department of Defense data leaked by Anonymous hackers

United States Department of Defense data leaked by Anonymous hackers
dod-coin-on-american-flag. A group called the "Wikiboat" belongs to Anonymous hackers have attacked the Defense.gov website and leaked data from the website. They have published the leaked data to the pastebin note. Also, today the Wikiboat targeted the GEMA.de website and took it offline.

The leaked data includes some officials name, Emails ID's and Phone numbers as shown below:

Sedulity Groups | E-Mail, an important source of Communication

In today’s electronic world, E-Mail is critical to any business being competitive. In most cases it now forms the backbone of most organizations’ day-to-day activities, and its use will continue to grow. E-Mails have enabled an efficient means of communication, without the limitations of time zones, speed or cost, usually associated with many of the other forms of communication. Though it has lot of advantages, however; E-Mails can easily be used for the negative purposes as well, making SPAM and virus E-Mails a problem especially by the hackers.

Sedulity Groups | Serious Mysql Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

serious security bug in MariaDB and MySQL Disclosed, According to Advisory All MariaDB and MySQL versions up to 5.1.61, 5.2.11, 5.3.5, 5.5.22 are vulnerable. This issue got assigned an id CVE-2012-2122.

Sedulity Groups | 10000 Twitter User oauth token hacked and Exposed by Anonymous

Anonymous Hackers, with Twitter account "LulzsecReborn" Hack into TweetGif (http://tweetgif.com) and Hack complete Database, Later they publish that on Internet also. TweetGif is a website which allow you to use animated GIF image as your twitter picture.

LulzSec Reborn, a 3.0 version of the earlier LulzSec, has leaked 10,000 Twitter profiles’ passwords, Usernames, real names, locations, bios, avatars and secret tokens used to authenticate their accounts.
Pastebin message posted: The leaked data was uploaded to embed upload and contains a 4 MB SQL file with all the users details.

Sedulity Groups | Important Security tips for Internet Computer Users

Whenever we talk about the Cyber Security, we should always remember that precaution is the best countermeasure, however there are few countermeasures which should be followed by every computer user in order secure themselves from the professional crackers while using computers and internet. The countermeasures are mentioned as follows;

Always make sure that your Password is Alpha Numeric (i.e. combination of both letters & numbers and also use some special characters if you can).

Always keep your Password length of minimum 8 characters.

Sedulity Groups | Anonymous hackers take down MTNL website

New Delhi: A hacking group said it attacked the Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) website, accusing the company of censoring content on the Internet.
The corporate website of MTNL, which caters to the major Indian cities of New Delhi and Mumbai, was down for at least six hours. A post on hacking group Anonymous India's blog said the company was attacked because it had blocked several file sharing websites.

But MTNL officials denied any knowledge of an attack.

Sedulity Groups | Open Source Technologies: Enchanting Charge in India

Technology; a vast term to understand and to explain, however it becomes more complicated and difficult when it keeps changing very often. There are lots of technical glitches which every technical person face. In today’s computer Modernization, Security is the biggest challenge for every Technology and to implement it is another good question.

Sedulity Groups | Different Types of Hackers in Cyber World

Dear Readers, in this artcle I am trying to give precise information about ‘different types of Cyber Crimes’ which is very important to know in this Computer Era and I am sure that it will help you all to be aware of all such crimes. Over the past 10 years the Internet has become very important source in the India.