Sedulity Groups | Open Source Technologies: Enchanting Charge in India

Technology; a vast term to understand and to explain, however it becomes more complicated and difficult when it keeps changing very often. There are lots of technical glitches which every technical person face. In today’s computer Modernization, Security is the biggest challenge for every Technology and to implement it is another good question.

Recently, an interactive session on “Open Source Technologies” was held by Mr. Anup Girdhar at School of computer Science, affiliated to GGSIPU. It made the students aware of the current as well as the upcoming demand and scenario of open source technologies in India and Global Market and also throws some light that how it’s given a competitive edge to many companies.

The session started with view point of latest upcoming career opportunities in IT sector for the students. In general, the students were interested in common Designations and profile which are already available in the industry from last 5 years where few of the students opt for Network, Database Admin, Software Development with using Java, VS.NET, etc. The seminar helped them to explore latest trends in technology of open source technologies. A new technology can obsolete the old one in quite a short time span. So it’s very important for every IT personnel to be well upgraded with new technology to keep pace with market scenario.

Why Linux and other open source software’s are more in demand and why the Demand of Microsoft Windows and its other products are decreasing? But when it comes to Data Security, Linux is much preferred. Linux is considered to be the most secured computing environment. Many companies are shifting their servers and their clients from windows to Linux platforms. It’s not only safe but also very cost effective if any corporate works on Windows Platform now a days.

Linux have not only overcome the limitation of windows but has provided a lot more to its users. Being more secure and cost effective Linux is widely used in European countries. Mac OS, Android etc. are the most preferred Linux based Operating system famous for their Security, Graphics, and other features. Open source applications are now available for every common type of enterprise software -- from databases, application servers and Web servers to security software.

To fulfill the requirement of different Computer User Groups, Sedulity Solutions and Technologies have also developed “Sedulity Operating System” with various editions for Corporate, Ethical Hackers, Developers, Cyber Forensics, and Gamers etc.

Still Microsoft windows and its products are very much preferred especially in India due to its easy availability because of piracy. Although the rising need of security is changing the mind set of every Computer user, however the change is happening at a very slow pace. So if you are really looking for the Cyber Security, then Open Source Technologies is the only best Solution for it, Anup Girdhar said.