Sedulity Groups | Hacker made calls worth ₨ 6,98,324 [ About 7 Lakh ] from public phone

Computer expert Dariusz Ganski, of Sunny Bank, Kingswood, used a router to tap into BT phone boxes and made hours of calls to expensive numbers. He make calls worth £10,000 of premium-line bills and he has been jailed for 18 months. Prosecutor David Maunder commented: "Police located the vehicle and they found Mr Ganski with two laptop computers and numerous mobile telephones." Bristol Crown Court heard that the 27-year-old committed his crimes to get electronic credits for music and on-line games, while still on licence from prison for almost identical offences.

Sedulity Groups | Anonymous Hackers shut down website of Colombia Justice Ministry

Anonymous hackers shut down the websites of Colombia's Justice Ministry website on Friday evening. The website was back online Saturday morning. Also, The website of Cambio Radical, the political party aof Interior Minister German Vargas Lleras, was hacked later Friday evening and was still showing a message saying "You have been hacked".

Sedulity Groups | PayPal will Pay Security Researchers for finding Vulnerabilities

Payment services provider PayPal will reward security researchers who discover vulnerabilities in its website with money, if they report their findings to the company in a responsible manner. If you manage to find a security flaw in any of PayPal’s products, you may be entitled to a cash reward. "I'm pleased to announce that we have updated our original bug reporting process into a paid 'bug bounty' program," PayPal's Chief Information Security Officer Michael Barrett said in a blog post on Thursday.

Sedulity Groups | zAnti Pentester’s Worldcup tournament open for Hackers

Today is a great day to be a security enthusiastic since Zimperium kicked off the first ever penetration testing tournament. — Welcome to the Pentester’s Worldcup! Zimperium, a mobile security software start-up was founded by Itzhak “Zuk” Avraham, a world-renowned white-hat hacker, in 2011. The Pentester’s World Cup is part of Zimperium’s efforts to increase awareness about mobile security, and simultaneously enhance the security of its range of award-winning products.

Sedulity Groups | Hacker arrested for hacking into six million computers

Police have detained a 22-year-old hacker who created a system of networked computers that was used to steal more than 150 million rubles ($4.47 million) from people's bank accounts and already one of the most wanted hacker in the world. But now, "Hermes" is, has been tapped over six million computers and earns around 5 million francs, was caught in Russia.

Sedulity Groups | Hacker charged for hacking into U.S. Energy Department

Andrew James Miller, a 23-year-old resident of Devon, Pennsylvania, was arrested on Thursday and charged with one count of conspiracy, two counts of computer fraud, and one count of access device fraud, according to a statement issued by the Justice Department's Criminal Division.

Sedulity Groups | Indian ISPs get court relief, Torrent Sites Unblocked

After weeks of confusion and frustration with blocked websites, the mess finally looks to be clearing. Indians are all heaving a sigh of relief because their ISPs have unblocked the access to the file-sharing, video-streaming BitTorrent sites that include The Pirate Bay, Torrentz.eu, Vimeo among others.
It was in news last month that following Reliance, Airtel had also blocked torrent services and video sites after they received the ‘John Doe’ court order. Thousands of users from various states of India found the access to torrents blocked.

Sedulity Groups | 35+ Indian Government Sites Hacked By 1337 & KhantastiC

KhantastiC haXor and 1337 of Pakistan hacked around 37 Government sites of India today. The reason of the hack is the war raging between the two countries for a good amount of time now.

KhantastiC did not deface the index of the sites. Rather he uploaded a page which appeared to be like www.site.com/khan.html instead of defacing the index. But 1337 defaced the index of the sites.

List of Hacked Sites:


Sedulity Groups | Anonymous Takedown Bharatiya Janata Party, wants people to protest against 'web censorship'

A day after messing with servers maintained by Reliance Communications, Anonymous, an international hacker collective, defaced two websites belonging to BJP on Sunday. Through its Twitter account (@opindia_back) it announced that www.mumbaibjp.org and www.bjpmp.org.in were hacked by the group. After the hacking, the group posted a message to web users, asking them to organize protests against "web censorship" in India on June 9.