Sedulity Groups | Things to know about the real Technical heroes: 'Ethical Hackers'

Now a Days, where Technology is Boosting up; Do you think that “HACKERS” are the people who make illegal activities? It is the perception where, Reality is far away from this statement that Hackers and Crackers are not different from each other in their working strategies. In the real world, Hacker is the one who have great Technical knowledge and expertise. However, the major difference between a “Hacker” or a “Cracker” is 'ETHICS'.

Those Hackers who use their knowledge & Skill set for defensive purpose to secure the 'Cyber Era' are known as “Ethical Hackers” or can also be called a “Cyber Crime Investigators”. On the other side those Hackers who use their knowledge & skill set for offensive purpose to make 'Cyber Crimes' are knows as “Crackers' or can also be called as “Cyber Terrorist”.

In an interaction on Monday, Mr. Anup Girdhar, CEO-Sedulity Solutions & Technologies; which is an ISO 9001:2008 organization, which majorly deals in Cyber Crime Investigations, said “ Hackers Love Technology But Crackers Love to Break it.”. Mr. Girdhar also Explained that “If a person is penetrating any system with target's permission it is legal, however; if a person is penetrating any system without target's permission it is illegal.

The hacking which is done with the target's permission is also called as Ethical hacking and it is done by White Hat Hackers who are Cyber Security Professionals. As per a recent report, Our Country requires more than 50,000 Cyber Security Professionals to stop the Cyber Crime, as well as Cyber Criminals. Today the requirement of Ethical Hackers are more to stop the Cyber Crimes perhaps the availability is really less. Crackers who have broken thousands of Websites, E-Portals & servers including government and private sector by the end of year 2011 and made a record in Cyber Crime history, India requires professional who can work in the field of 'Cyber Security'.

Computer crime represents one of the fastest growing crime rates in the our country and the need for Cyber Security Professionals is growing. It is not surprising that there are several Security Certifications in the market, but it is very difficult to indentify which one is best and which delivers more practical orientation. If you are interested to become a Certified Cyber Security Professional, then you can join Sedulity Groups, and get the opportunity to work on various 'Cyber Security' live projects on different technologies .

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